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Top Gaming App Companies

ByAdam Mik

Jul 25, 2023

Top gaming app companies are making a huge splash in the mobile gaming industry. Some of these top gaming companies produce some of the most popular video games in the world.

Known for its signature franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, Ubisoft is an extremely strong contender in the mobile game development sphere.


The maker of Candy Crush is one of the world’s top gaming companies, with a massive portfolio that includes the high-grossing Zynga titles Word with Friends and Farmville. The company also created the popular augmented reality game Pokemon Go, which has inspired millions of people to organize group hunts and meetups.

The company designs games that can be used by businesses to incentivize customer behavior, increase employee engagement, and train employees. The company uses trending tools and gaming engines to develop its mobile apps.


MZ is the latest generation of digital natives and they are more individualistic than previous generations. They want brands to mirror their values and dynamically cater to their preferences. They are also more flexible in the face of change and are capable of starting social movements, such as a ‘Corona Map’ to track the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can learn more about MZ and other neologisms in KollectionK. This site has a list of terms from many different languages. It is a great resource for those who are interested in learning new words.


Mixi is a social network in Japan that allows its users to create personal profiles and connect with friends. It also offers several services to help members manage their daily lives.

Japanese net users value privacy and are hesitant to show their faces online, so most people use nicknames or internet handles like Yamada Taro on Mixi. Its service provides privacy settings that allow members to control who can see their information.

In late 2013, Mixi launched a smartphone game called Monster Strike that has turned around its sluggish sales. It now earns about $2 million per day in revenue.


Gung ho is a phrase that means something like “overly enthusiastic or energetic.” It’s also the name of a Japanese gaming company whose stock value soared 6,000% in one year because of a single game.

Developed by GungHo and Capcom, TEPPEN pits players around the world against each other in white-hot card battles that are both strategic and fast-paced. Both companies bring their unique strengths to planning, development and operation of the title.

A free-to-play brawler in which you escort the princess as her skeletal protector. Made by the creators of Puzzle & Dragons, who also created the popular Lollipop Chainsaw and Killer Is Dead games.

Pocket Gems

Pocket Gems focuses on creating graphically rich mobile games. Its most popular titles are the Episode digital storytelling app and War Dragons hardcore multiplayer game. Its games connect players globally. They also provide real-time updates to keep players engaged and immersed.

To do this, Pocket Gems relies on PubNub’s real-time gaming communication platform. This enables them to create a greater sense of community and heighten player engagement by providing them with in-game chat and global battle events. They are also able to monitor the health of their servers using Datadog dashboards.


Rovio is the Finnish-game maker behind the Angry Birds puzzle franchise. Its latest Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Transformers, is now available in New Zealand and Finland.

Sega’s acquisition of Rovio would help the Japanese gaming giant accelerate its mobile games-as-a-service operations in Europe and the United States. It also gives it access to Rovio’s live service platform, Beacon.

The deal makes sense. Angry Birds Classics siphons whales from the microtransaction-laden Angry Birds catalog, and delisting it sends the wrong message to those high spenders. Rovio isn’t interested in nickel and diming those devoted fans.


The studio behind the BAFTA award-winning Monument Valley and innovative virtual reality experience Land’s End aims to push the boundaries of technology and design. They are dedicated to creating products that foster a deep emotional connection with users and drive business success.

Ustwo’s teams in New York, Malmo and London needed a tool to centralize all workflows on GitHub, making it easier for technical and non-technical team members to collaborate. ZenHub’s Multi-Repo Task Boards enabled faster morning standups and improved their sprint planning process with features like Estimates and Milestone-Integrated Burndown Charts.


EA is an American video game company based in Redwood City, California. It was founded in 1982 by Apple employee Trip Hawkins. It was one of the pioneers of the early home computer game industry, and it promoted its developers as “software artists”.

EA Play is a subscription service that gives users access to a library of EA games. It also includes exclusive 10-hour trials of upcoming releases. In addition, players can get discounts on their EA digital purchases. The company also hosts events for its players.


Creating video games is one of the most lucrative businesses, but it requires a lot of effort and skill. Choosing the best game development company for your project is critical to ensure that your game has all the right features and is a success.

Supercell is a Finnish mobile game developer known for its strategy-based titles. Their popular Clash of Clans app has risen to prominence in recent years.

Sony’s media empire reaches into the world of mobile gaming with Wheel of Fortune, Men in Black and Jeopardy!


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