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Ashton Sylve Is Knocking Opponents out and Isn’t Stopping


Nov 2, 2022

As much as boxers want their fight to last for some time so they can adjust to the opponent, grasp their technique, and then taken on them, fans like something else. They like knockouts and that’s what Ashton Sylve is delivering.

You never know when Ashton Sylve might become a big name in sports news. The way he is moving forward shows that he is going to be a big name in the future. He’s young, he’s fast, and he likes to knock opponents out.

Rodriguez Gets Knocked out Too

Braulio Rodriguez, who was the experienced of the two in the ring, was not able to get much time to show his boxing skills. He is not very old, but the 34-year old surely showed some signs of rusty skills when the fight began.

Rodriguez, who already has 20 wins to his name, was quick to make the move. He was quickly charging in with his right hook but Sylve had other plans. His reflexes were lightning fast and within micro seconds of blocking Rodriguez’s right hook, Sylve dropped a huge left hook.

Within seconds, the experienced professional was on the canvas and while he wanted to get up to fight again, his legs weren’t going to support him in this decision. The result was a knockout.

The biggest disappointment for the older professional was that his fight did not last for even more than a minute. Within 61 seconds, the match was over and Sylve was the winner.

Ashton Sylve Is on a Knockout Spree

To date, the young blood has fought 8 times in the ring. The result of all 8 matches has been the same i.e. knockout win. While his style of walking in the ring has already gotten him attention, there are other reasons for his quick rise to popularity.

For the fans out there, he was fighting against professionals when he was only 16. He dropped an experienced boxer on the canvas with one hook when he is only 18.

All of his fights have been wins, no losses, and all of the wins have been knockouts. He is definitely a star in the making.

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