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New Super Mario Bros 2 Online Free

ByAdam Mik

Jul 25, 2023

New Super Mario Bros 2 is a fun, challenging retread of past glories. All the usual suspects return, from gliding Racoon Suits to hordes of mushroom Goombas and turtle Koopa Troopas.

With a tonne of coin-spinning madness, secrets to uncover and the option for co-op play, this is a satisfying excursion into the Mushroom Kingdom.


Few video games have become as universally recognized as Super Mario. This side-scrolling platformer has been a part of the culture for decades and there is almost no one who has not played it at least once in their lifetime. The game was one of the first to truly make use of 3-D graphics and allowed players to control multiple characters at once, something which is now a standard in most platform games.

Although the gameplay is similar to that of Super Mario Bros, there are a few differences. For example, this game is the first in the series to allow players to select between Mario and Luigi, with each character handling differently on the ground. Mario has tighter ground control but weaker jumping capabilities while Luigi jumps higher and has a greater ability to airborne.

In addition, some new enemies and gameplay elements were introduced in this game. Many of these have now become staples in the franchise such as Bob-Ombs and Shyguys, while the mechanic of picking up and throwing items was also used in later games.

New Super Mario Bros 2 online free also features a few other innovations that set it apart from other pixel-era Mario games. Mario can now pick up and throw turnips, which act as weapons against enemies. Also, the game introduces a unique power-up called the Mega Mushroom that grows Mario to an enormous size for a brief period of time, allowing him to destroy terrain and kill enemies with a single touch.


This game features graphics that are a departure from the New Super Mario Bros. visual style that’s been consistent in 2D Mario games for the past 18 years. Backgrounds appear more detailed, and the characters have been slightly redesigned. Players can grind on rails and swim up waterfalls, dodge roller-skating Koopas, and more. The game also includes a variety of new characters, including Peach and Daisy.

The story is similar to previous Super Mario games, with Princess Peach being kidnapped by Bowser and the Koopalings. Mario and Luigi must travel through 9 worlds and 85 levels to rescue her, with a heavy emphasis on coin-collecting and a specialized mode called “Coin Rush”. The game also features Gold Flowers that can turn blocks into coins, rings that can temporarily transform enemies into Gold Mario, and a mask-esque block that produces gold coins as the player runs. A tally of all collected coins is displayed on the title screen and overworld map.

The game is also notable for being the first in the series to feature a fully playable Daisy, who can be unlocked by collecting 50 stars throughout the game. The game also introduced a new power-up, the Wonder Flower, which causes objects in the environment to change their appearance or behavior: the ground might move, Mario may stretch into an extremely tall version of himself, and the flowers can bloom and disappear at will.


New Super Mario Bros 2 is a return to the side-scrolling platform roots of the series that first unleashed the moustachioed plumber on an unsuspecting world. It’s a solid, reliable retread that delivers plenty of throughly enjoyable moments and the odd flash of brilliance.

Players are able to choose between Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Toad, with each handling the game slightly differently. Mario is ideal for beginners thanks to his easy ground control, while Luigi stomps on enemies with greater precision and jumping power. Toad and Yoshi have more squishing agility and are better suited to navigating tricky areas, respectively. The Raccoon Costume, which was introduced in the third NES Mario game, makes an appearance as well and allows players to flit around the level collecting coins.

The game’s soundtrack is an ode to the classics, with every note and timbre in perfect balance. Its musical palette is a treat for fans of the original game, with its jazzy arrangement of the Mario credits theme. Other tunes are a little less familiar, but the same supple inertia and superb responsiveness of Nintendo’s controls are on display throughout.

All the old favourite varmints are here, from the mushroom Goombas and turtle Kooper Troops to the squishing Thromps and Whomps, plus stolid Lakitu and the acrobatic Bullet Bill. The Koopalings, meanwhile, are now golden and drop more coins when a player hits them with a Hammer Bro. The Prize Block power-up has also been tweaked, this time plonking a golden cube on your head that dishes out more gold the faster you run.


Few video games can claim to have been in the general consciousness for decades and across different generations, but Super Mario Bros 2 certainly does. It’s hard to imagine anyone who has not at least heard of the Italian plumber in overalls and his quest to save Princess Peach from her evil husband, Bowser.

Although this game is not the first Super Mario game outside Japan, it was a critical milestone in the evolution of the franchise. In addition to the basic gameplay of jumping, throwing objects and question mark blocks, this was the first time that Mario could pick up a variety of power-ups, including the Fire Flower, Tanooki Suit, Magic Wing, Frog Suit, and Hammer Suit. It also allowed Mario to run by holding down the button, a new feature that was not present in its predecessor, Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic.

Unlike other pixel-era Mario titles, this one allows the player to play as multiple protagonists in its fight to free the dream world from Wart. Besides Mario and Luigi, the player can play as Toad or even Princess Peach in this platform adventure. The game features a wide range of enemies and obstacles, each with its own unique theme and difficulty. The game also introduces a number of concepts not found in the original Super Mario Bros, such as Bob-ombs that act similarly to shells and Ice Blocks, soft sand that can be dug through, Porcupos, Flurries, and locked doors.


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