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Results are Out for October 28 Mega Millions Draw Producing 3 Millionaires


Oct 30, 2022

The latest lottery draw for the Mega Millions took place on October 28 and many players happy for winning huge prizes.

However, as the results just came out, it is not known exactly how much has been won from the particular draw. This update is to provide detailed information as to how much has been won from the draw.

The draw did not manage to produce any jackpot prize winner but it did produce multiple millionaires. Let us have a detailed look at the prizes that have been won from the draw that took place on Oct. 28.

October 28 Draw

The jackpot prize money for the October 28 Mega Millions draw was $64 million and it was available in two options. The first option was the annuity prize money where the player could receive $64 million on an annual basis.

The second option was the cash prize where the player could opt for the $31 million prize money in a one-time lump sum payment.

The Winning Numbers and the Megaplier

As the draw took place, the primary winning numbers that were drawn were 69-53-31-18-4. The Megaball number that the officials drew was 7.

In addition to the above, the Megaplier that came out of the draw was 2x. It suggested that any ticket with the megaplier option whether online lottery or traditional, apart from the jackpot ticket would have its prize doubled.

Winning Results

As the draw took place, it was a letdown that none of the players won the jackpot prize money. Therefore, the largest prize money of the draw would eventually become the $2 million prize after the implementation of the Megaplier.

Out of millions of participants, only 3 players were able to match 5 primary numbers minus the Megaball number to win the second top prize money.

Out of the three winners, 2 players had gone with the Megaplier so they won $2 million each while 1 player won $1 million.

The rest of the prizes include $10k, $20k, $1k, $500, $400, $200, $20, $10, $8, $4, and $2 respectively.

In total, the October 28 draw produced 638,504 winners giving away $8,068,491 to these many players.

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