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Will Self Driving Cars Affect Modern Racing?

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We’ve come to an age where the dream of self-driving cars is becoming a reality as more and more automotive companies work on their own versions of the future of cars on the road.

We’ve seen plenty of test videos and practical tests of cars driving themselves; making decisions and dealing with the many obstructions that can be found on the road on any given day.

While it hasn’t gone smoothly for everyone, such as the tragic accident where a pedestrian was hit and killed by a self-driving car, some have begun to wonder if this new tech will begin to make waves in the professional racing world.

Motor racing started at the beginning of the 1900’s, and it quickly went on to become one of the most popular sports in the world, with some of the biggest global tournaments drawing in millions of people every year.

Part of the popularity lies with the cars, but the biggest draw for many is the skill of the drivers, and the amazing feats they can perform on the track. So the real question that has been plaguing many is: as self-driving cars become more mainstream, will they affect the racing world?

What The Professionals Think

Some companies, like Porsche, believe that self-driving cars will have no impact on motor sports, and that car racing will continue to thrive, even if some of the audience going to watch arrives without having to drive themselves.

Porsche is also on the forefront of electrical racing cars, currently working on a line-up of all-electric vehicles, designed to be light, fast, and friendly to the environment.

Porsche maintains that one of the most vital parts of racing is the human element; that having a bed of computers driving against each other would completely take away from not just the challenge, but the spirit of the sport in general and the drivers whose performances make all the difference to the end result.

The demand for electric cars is growing by the year, and they are currently what most manufacturers have their eye on, especially as fossil fuels continue to become more expensive with each passing year.

Electric cars have a myriad of problems of their own, however, mainly due to the huge amount of batteries needed, and the need for the car to charge for many hours at a time.

But despite the drawbacks, electric cars are almost certainly the future of racing, while self-driving cars will almost certainly be delegated to the public.

Other Racing Industries

There many other industries that are tied into motor racing, and require that a human be behind the wheel. For Formula 1, having a recognisable driver is more important than having a recognisable car, especially as most cars are required to meet certain standards in terms of functionality.

Even industries like sports betting rely on the human element, and while greyhound and horse racing betting has been in decline, the motor racing betting scene is very much still alive and thriving.

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