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What Casino Games Do Celebrities Play?

The rich and famous are not immune to the thrill of the win, and they like a lot of the same casino games that us normal folk do. In fact, probably the only thing separating them and us is the bank balance they are able to access!

The special deals that we can find thanks to the kind of Blackjack online Canada makes available means we can save a little, and maybe win a little more, but celebrities have no problem sealing a floor with their high-roller pals! Which games do they love the most? Let’s have a look.

Beating the Dealer in Blackjack

 The strategy possibilities for Blackjack means it’s as popular with celebs as it is with the rest of us. It requires planning, and doing so properly makes it possible for the player to influence the outcome if they know their stuff.

The most famous A-lister with a penchant for 21 has to be Ben Affleck, who is famous for entering high-stakes tournaments and working the tables. One of his most successful adventures, which also saw him getting banned, saw him pocketing around US$800 000 during a session, US$150 000 of which he tipped the dealers with.

Affleck is joined by Tiger Woods, the beleaguered golf pro, who has also been spotted at a table or two, and is rumoured to be involved in games with hands staked in the region of US$20 000.

Keeping the Wins Coming With Craps

 There are few among us who can resist the appeal of a good Craps game, and this extends to famous people, too. One devotee is former presidential candidate John McCain, whose love of Craps led to tales of 24-hour playing sessions being bandied about.

Upping the Ante at the Poker Table

 One of the biggest Poker fans in the world of celebrities is Jennifer Tilly. The acclaimed actress, noted for her roles in films like Haunted Mansion and Liar Liar, is a serious player. She prefers Texas Hold’em, and is pretty good at it, too. She won the World Series of Poker, or WSOP, Ladies Championship back in 2005, going home with the title and prize money of almost US$400 000.

Raking it in at the Roulette Table

 Who can resist the thrill of spinning a Roulette wheel and hitting it lucky? Not you, not me, and not Charles Barkley, NBA star and Roulette aficionado. Barkley was not, however, a solo gambler, and he was often to be found in the company of his famous friends, one of whom was, once again, Mr Tiger Woods.

Spinning the Slots Reels

 It might seem strange to think of a really big star sitting behind a slots machine, waiting for the big Jackpot win, but some apparently don’t mind a crowded playing hall, and enjoy spinning the reels now and then. One of the most well-known of these is the former Playboy model and star of Baywatch, Pamela Anderson. It’s funny when you think that there’s actually a slots game themed along the lines of her old television show!


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