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Can you guess the Casino Game in these epic movies?


Feb 28, 2018

Are you an avid casino and movie fan? Well this is the ultimate quiz to test your knowledge. We have created a quiz where you have to guess the particular casino game by examining a particular scene.

There has been abundance of films that have plenty of casino entertainment, of which the most luxurious comes to my mind first is James Bond. He loves his card games (no more clues) usually with a terrorist whose dazzling Russian girlfriend is attempting to poison Bond’s martini.

We have rounded up some other cult casino films, do you remember them?

Starting with Rounders which was made in 1998 including a young and raw actor, Matt Damon playing Mike McDermott. He plays a casino game against a Russian gangster known as not so terrifying Teddy “KGB”, a Russian mobster and manages to lose a hefty sum of money. Mike’s girlfriend successfully convinces him to stop gambling until that is, his friend comes out of prison and he determines to have one last game with Teddy “KGB”.

Hard Eight, stars Philip Baker Hall known as Sydney, who is an unfortunate old professional gambler. Sydney takes John under his wing played by John C Riley, a young man desperately trying to pay for his mother’s funeral and teach him all the tricks of the trade. A notable scene involves high stakes game which even big casino players would be wary of.

Set on a beautiful paddle steamer, the Lauren Belle on the Mississippi river, Maverick played by Mel Gibson, is a somewhat confident and slightly arrogant character determined to make money on his journey. With comic elements and many twists of fate, it’s not your usual western but its entitled to be hailed as one of the great casino films.

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