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Casino Bonus jargon buster


Apr 4, 2018

On the face of it, casino bonuses look simple – right? You see “50 Free Spins no deposit bonus” on a casino website and expect to play these and withdraw the winnings – WRONG! Most casinos give free spins or cash bonus or a taster for their popular games which some players don’t mind, they enjoy the challenge of turning over the wagering requirements.  But what are wagering requirements? And what can you gain from them? Well we have put together a quick guide to demystify all these niggling questions in your head.

Not all bonuses have wagering requirements attached to them though, some casinos have now realised it’s not fair on the customer and are now offering transparent casino bonuses. For instance, Power Spins freespins casino offers 50 Free Spins which are wagerless, that’s right. If you deposit £1 you get 1 Free Spin in return, up to £50. This offer means that when you play through the 50 Free Spins you can withdraw all winnings, no “max cap” (explained in the guide) and yes, it’s wagerless!

Understandably, it can be very tedious checking through T&Cs as everyone leads busy lives… but it’s certainly worth it when checking casino wagering requirements or any other bonuses for that matter. If not, you could potentially end up winning a maximum of £50 max when you might have been expecting £1000! Or you could unwillingly have been playing a bonus with 100x wagering requirements which would be nearly impossible to break.

Some casinos do offer generous terms and conditions, it’s simply being a little bit savvy and taking your time to read the bonus terms carefully. Additionally, there are some other great insights to watch with regard to free bonuses including: withdrawal mechanisms, game percentages and how you can potentially gain from them.

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